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The best tech companies want programmers good at Data Structures and Algorithms. Be what they’re looking for.

The upcoming exam is scheduled on 5th June 2022.

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Testimonials (A word from our certified programmers)

Preparing for the exam was a perfect learning experience. The learning resources and the practice problems on the platform are extremely helpful in learning new concepts. All the questions in the exam were creative and fun to solve.
Being an experienced developer, I regularly try to keep learning to program. Giving this exam has been a good learning experience for me. When I took the foundation exam the first time, I failed but then I did prepare myself better and now I have cleared the Advanced level exam.

- Peddi Rohith

Advanced Level, Certified on 3rd April 2022

My experience was very good at the exam centre. The computers we top notch and the environment was also very silent. The Invigilators were humble and helpful.
This certification is essential to me as I think CodeChef is one of the most popular competitive programming platforms globally, and every company recognizes a certificate from this website. This certificate will boost my resume and help me create a strong resume.
If you want to get yourself recognized by top software companies, then CodeChef certification is the best way to do so.

- Dev Karan Singh Sisodia

Advanced Level, Certified on 3rd April 2022

My CodeChef certification exam was fantastic. The exam is user-friendly, and It boosted my confidence level in Data structures and Problem Solving. It can be a reality check for a beginner.
CodeChef platform enables a programmer to improve his skill in Data Structures and Algorithms. It provides a Competitive environment where you can analyse your strength and weaknesses within the time limit.
It is a precious certificate for every programmer whose dream is to become a Software Engineer. If you highlight this certificate in your resume, it will add the cherry on the cake. It not only grooms your profile but also gives you an edge over other students in this highly competitive world.

- Shivam Kumar Singh

Advanced Level, Certified on 3rd April 2022

Why Data Structures and Algorithms?


It’s the foundation of Computer Science.

Being a good programmer is more than knowing a programming language. It’s about understanding DSA, and solving problems efficiently. DSA is integral to all computer science technologies, be it software development, blockchain, AI and machine learning, or high-performance computing


Helps you crack interviews at top tech companies.

DSA based assessments are a part of the first level assessment for most leading companies. Knowing the optimal ways to solve a problem can save millions of dollars when at scale - a quality that organisations value.


Helps you solve complex problems efficiently.

Complex real-world problems and problems of scale require optimal solutions. A sound understanding of DSA is conducive to solving complex problems of scale.

The CodeChef Legacy

CodeChef is a part of Unacademy which is one of India’s largest education platforms with over 60+ exam categories and more than 14k educators

A few feats worth a mention -

2.5+ million coders - A programming community across the globe

10+ year association with ICPC, IOI - Hosts of the ICPC & IOI Indian regional rounds

11.5k+ coding competitions - Most participated coding contests globally

6k+ users have registered for the CodeChef Certification exam till now

1.8k+ users have been certified in Foundation and Advanced Level

Actively present in college campuses across the country

Why CodeChef Certification Exam?


Industry Ready Certification

Industry-ready certification, recognised by tech firms & academic institutes alike


Formulated by DSA Experts

Put together by global DSA experts with question set by professional programmers who are finalists in ICPC and IOI competitions


Free Learning resources

Specially curated Learning resources & mock tests to prepare from


Proctored (Invigilated) Exam

The exam rules are thoughtfully designed to enable a reliable proctored environment.


20+ exam centers across India

We conduct our exam in 20+ exam centres across India at regular intervals

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