We are about to finalise the exam dates and centers for February. The pricing for the 2 exam levels will remain the same.

  • Foundation Level Exam - ₹3500
  • Advanced Level Exam - ₹4500

Please join the waitlist to get priority access to the upcoming CCDSA exam. The first 300 applications will also be eligible for an early bird price.

Please note that:
  • If you have registered for the CCDSA exam previously then please don’t fill up the form
  • This form is not enrollment for the the exam, we will send you the enrollment form once the exam dates are finalised.
  • The City field is the location where you stay so that we can check the availability of the exam centers in that region based on the demand

We have already received the top 300 users who will be eligible for the early bird pricing. But let this not deter you. You can still join our waitlist and receive priority updates to CCDSA

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